Drop Boxes

Pierce County Refuse offers 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard drop boxes for refuse hauling. Drop boxes are for large amounts of garbage, construction, etc. To order a drop box or get more information please call our drop box department at 253-875-5053.

Below is a list of basic service information:

• Containers are usually delivered 1-3 working days after the order was taken.

• There can be no hot ashes, petroleum products (or car parts that contain petroleum products), insecticides, corrosive materials (ex. car batteries), liquids or other hazardous wastes. Appliances and tires may have additional charges.

• We only bill drop boxes once a month. Since we bill after the fact we bill at the beginning of the month for service provided in the previous month.

• Drop boxes require open access to be emptied. Please do not block.

• There will be a charge for a return trip.

• We are unable to take extra refuse. Extra refuse material above the level top or next to the drop box. Please make sure nothing exceeds the rim and nothing is placed near the drop box.

• Extra charges are charged on overweight drop boxes. Due to a high volume of overweight tickets from the Department of Transportation and Washington State Patrol, we have filed with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) for a rate to help stop the hauling of overweight containers loaded by customers. Our goal is not to receive the surcharge but to operate the trucks at legal weights on county and state roads. The maximum tariff weights that we can haul are 23,000 pounds (11.5 tons) for drop boxes. Any weights in excess of these will be charged and additional per pound overweight tonnage fee. If a drop box is too heavy the driver will leave the container and the customer will have to off-load the excess.